Jonah-mid-muskox-herdIf Arctic adventure is on your “Bucket List” you are on the right website. Join us in our romance with the High Arctic. Snowmobile with professional Inuvialuit guides across Canada’s frozen Barrens and Arctic islands. Be an “Explorateur et Exploratrice d’Arctique”, and follow in the footsteps of the adventurers from the 1800’s searching for the NorthWest Passage.

PLUS : If so inclined, during September-October & March-April from Holman & Paulatuk we also provide Musk-ox & sometimes Caribou hunts. During July-Aug you can enjoy Lake Trout fishing (up to 50lb catches) on the Uuyarektok Lake a few hours north of the hamlet of Holman.

On the snowmobile expeditions you can sleep in an igloo (Route #2), embrace the full moon, dance with the Aurora Borealis, walk with: muskox, caribou, wolves. Breathe in deeply… and experience the clean air, and the stark never ending beauty of the Arctic expanse. Some of the gifts you will enjoy: Polar deserts, brilliant aurora, 3 hr sunsets, ancient Thule Inuit sites, sometimes polar bear, always friendly people & stunning spectacular country. Once we are on the trail we will likely see no other humans. This will be an “exceptional” adventure”, a 1000 kilometers past the tree line & the norms of life. Here life changes to the essentials, and that’s when the journey begins!

We offer 5 unique snowmobile expeditions from Holman, Sach Harbour, Paulatuk & Inuvik, dog team trips from Inuvik , PLUS hunting and fishing trips out of Holman and Paulatuk.

#1 from Holman:
Victoria Island , land of the ancient Thule Inuit. Travel north along the Diamond Jenness Peninsula , then across Minto Inlet to the Boot Inlet cabin where we will overnight, & travel adjacent to NW Passage.

#2 from Holman:
Also on Victoria Island, Travel along the south coast of Diamond Jenness Peninsula parallel to Prince Albert Sound spending nights in both igloos & cabins.

#3 from Sachs Harbour on Banks Island:
On Banks Island you can travel inland through the center of the island, you will experience abundant wildlife.  As well you can head SW to Nelson Head to view the large Polar Bear population.

#4 from Paulatuk:
On the northern reaches of Canada we travel the full circumference of the Parry peninsula, which is rich in beauty, history, folklore and old archeological sites.

#5 from Inuvik:
Traveling along the East Arm of the MacKenzie River from Inuvik we offer two expeditions( 1/2 day & 1 full day) to the Barrens Plateau return.  Additionally we provide Dog Team expeditions from Inuvik.                                                      NOTE: in early April Inuvik celebrates the “Muskrat Jamboree“, a 4 day long Inuvialuit cultural celebration.

#6 Hunt & Fish from Holman and Paulatuk
Musk-ox, sometimes Caribou are hunted; the travel is by quad/snowmobile or dog team depending on time of year & conditions. The summer travel to the lakes are done quad & by boat.

Come visit this amazing land before it is changed forever.